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Family Law Agreements and Orders

Do I need a financial agreement or a consent order?


A Financial Agreement is a contract between two or more parties made under Part VIIIA (for marriages) or Division 4 of Part VIIIAB (for de facto relationships) of the Family Law Act 1975.

A Financial Agreement, if it binding, ousts the Court’s jurisdiction in relation to financial proceedings between the parties generally, or in relation to specific issues. In other words, a Financial Agreement, if prepared and entered into properly, can be a way to ‘contract out’ of court proceedings.

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Consent Orders

In Australia, a consent order in family law is a legally binding agreement between parties involved in a family law dispute. It's an agreement reached between the parties without the need for a court hearing, and once approved by the court, it becomes a legally enforceable order. Consent orders cover various aspects of family matters like parenting arrangements, child support, property settlement, or spousal maintenance. These orders provide a formal resolution to disputes without the necessity of a trial, offering a more efficient and cost-effective way to settle family law matters.

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