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About Us

Our mission is to empower you to make great legal choices throughout your lifetime.

Our Story

Whether you are purchasing your first home or business, starting a family or transitioning through change, getting your estate planning in order, or investing in that next property to build your empireā€¦

We offer progressive client-centered legal services in person and online, that are flexible, efficient, with fixed fee services so that you have certainty around cost.

We love watching our clients strive for their dream life and will stop at nothing to help them achieve their life goals. Our service is client-centered, we put our client at the heart of every transaction.

We provide you with a comprehensive overview of your matter, including certainty with regard to the process and the stages of your matter.

We are constantly growing and innovating to ensure our clients feel empowered to make great life choices and know they have solid structures in place to weather any storm.

Our Values


We are committed to helping our stakeholders cultivate freedom in their lives through developing great boundaries and solid scaffolding in their personal, professional and legal affairs.


We are committed to consistently delivering quality service and products over time through a tireless passion to improving and setting goals, reviewing customer feedback, improving systems and delivery.


We are committed to putting our clients at the heart of our service through thinking outside the box, delivering creative, efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet client needs and deliver real results.


We are committed to providing value and quality in everything that we do. We are devoted to ongoing improvement, development and education to maintain our highest standards possible.


We are committed to loving life and ensuring our stakeholders have the building blocks to love their lives fully through creating a fun enjoyable workplace, providing excellent advice and guidance, and building great relationships with our customers, within our team and with ourselves.

Our Expert Team


Sue Ellison-Whyte

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LAw Clerk

Ash Shanks

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Executive Assistant

Samantha Quilligan

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Angus Boyd-Bell

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What our clients say
about us!

I had an absolutely incredible experience working with Elllison-Whyte Law. I needed help starting up my ecommerce business and Ellison-Whyte Law took care of all the legal paperwork. Thank you for such a great experience!

- Mariko

Sue was a great person to deal with. Very knowledgeable and compassionate. Not hoping for any more divorces, but if it occurs again, I know who to call!

- Your Local Tyre Centre