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The Legal Wayfarers

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E04 2024 Do you have a dispute with your neighbour?

Enquiries about neighbourhood disputes is a topic that many a local solicitor is all too familiar with.

In this week's episode we are going through the steps of a neighbourhood dispute and what you should expect.

Step one: Do you actually have a dispute with your neighbour?

Step two: If indeed you do have a dispute, what do you do now??

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E03 2024 Engaging a solicitor, what should you expect?

Have you engaged a solicitor before?

From personal experience, we have often come across stories from friends, relatives and acquaintances who simply do not know what they should expect when engaging a solicitor.

The service is heavily regulated and there are a number of legislative requirements a solicitor has to adhere to.

Let's discuss.

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E02 2024 What is up with Cyclists on the Mornington Peninsula?

This week on the podcast we are discussing Cyclists! on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Check out the podcast on Spotify here:

and you can find us on YouTube here:

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E01 2024 The "Gunther" Trust Solution

Can you hide all your assets in a trust for your favourite pet and avoid tax?

"Gunther" is a bloodline of German shepherds that was left $400 million dollars by an affluent elusive German Countess....

Do you have a pet that you care deeply for? Maybe your care for your pet more than you care for your children? Can you leave your entire estate to your beloved dog? What does that even look like?

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Introducing... The Legal Wayfarers

In 2024, Ellison-Whyte Law is having a go with podcasting!

Do you live on the Mornington Peninsula and want some answers to your legal questions? While we will not be providing any legal advice via our new podcast series, we are more than happy to dive into looking at legal processes and chatting about how it all works and why things are the way they are. 

Check out our intro here: 

The Legal Wayfarers Podcast Episode 1 (YouTube)

You can find us on Spotify at The Legal Wayfarers

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Understanding Probate in Victoria, Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Probate is a legal process that follows the death of an individual, ensuring the proper administration and distribution of their estate. If you find yourself dealing with the probate process in Victoria, Australia, it's important to have a clear understanding of what it entails. In this blog post, we will provide you with an overview of probate in Victoria, including its purpose, the steps involved, and key considerations to keep in mind.

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What is Probate?

What is Probate?

What is Probate? Probate is the court process of a will being “proved” as the true last testament of someone who has passed away. In the State of Victoria probate is granted by the Supreme Court of Victoria to the named executor or executors in the…

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Building Reports

Building Reports

I’m purchasing a property. Should I get a building and pest inspection for the property? When purchasing a new property, it can be a stressful time, you may feel tempted to include as few conditions as possible on your purchase offer to encourage the seller…

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